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Making music should be fun. Wouldn’t you agree? Some people get excited at the thought of making it happen. Ask any successful person about their field of expertise, and they will tell you that the number one key to their success was finding a mentor.

What has NOT working with a mentor helped you to accomplish, and what are the disadvantages? Now ask yourself what might working WITH an experienced mentor allow you to do? What’s right about this? What are the advantages? What might working with an expert in this discipline on a regular basis allow you to do?

Are you willing to invest time, and resources into your success? What if flexible payments were part of the deal? Is it important for you to have a schedule that fosters discipline, or is having a flexible commitment better for you? We offer both!

Now that you have the opportunity to work with an encouraging, and accomplished Billboard Top 100 Hitmaker who really cares about his student’s success TAKE ACTION NOW!

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We teach and consult Music Production / Recording / Mixing
Sound Design / Arrangement / Music Theory
Synth Programming / Acoustics / gear selection /
Artist Development / Brand Management / And More!!!

Learn Ableton Live, Learn Music Production, Mixing Tips

We are Music Producers, SongWriters, and Audio Engineers with a focus on Mixing.

Alternatively we teach Music Production (All Genres), Performance, Branding, and How to Win!

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